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Steam Tek


Inspired by the iconic landing party props featured in the original Star Trek television series, I embarked upon a 3-year journey to create a unique series of one-of-a-kind sculptures: functioning steampunk versions of the essential “gear” (pun intended).


I present to you, the Steampunk Communicator, the Steampunk Tricorder and the Steampunk Phaser!


Glass, carved wood and machined metal are brought to life with sounds, lights and motion effects, all prototyped and manufactured in my steampunk-weapons testing facility, H-Gear Laboratories. Utilizing self-contained electronic systems designed to replicate a series of arcane functioning mechanisms - including the dynamic “Gatling Gun” like action for the phaser pistol - these devices have boldly gone where no man has gone before. See more of them in detail by choosing your gear clip from the filmstrip above!

              The design and fabrication of each device is covered in detail within the pages of Steampunk Modeller. This beautiful series of special publications is put out by Happy Medium Press, the same folks that give us the international Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller.

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