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After graduating NYC’s School of Visual Arts on a competitive full-merit scholarship, Higham spent some years doing freelance special-effects work and traveling the world. Somehow or other, he ended up x-raying corpses for the morgue.


By day, he irradiates the dead.

By night, he makes monsters.


He created the award-winning stop-motion puppet film Annabel Lee (Aurora Awards, 2001) inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. In 2007, his Wormweird Tarot was published – a full tarot deck and book that portrays a startlingly dark journey through a mythical cityscape populated by his waxwork figures and grotesques. In 2011, he began his Steamtek series – a steampunk excursion executed in functional sculptures, starting with the iconic devices of the original series of Star Trek.


His sculptural and photographic works have been featured on book and album covers, music videos and within art publications. Higham’s work has been shown in art galleries and museums, including a solo retrospective in 2007 (Limner Gallery, NY).


Higham is also a regular contributor to Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller. He provides a series of technology-based educational articles that document the creation of his electro-mechanical sculptural works, and is currently considering a video series of same.


To learn more of George Higham and how he does his work, click here – he describes and shows his workplace and influences in his own words.


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