"The Wormweird Tarot is the doorway to a Victorian neverland of dark myths, strange magicks and weird technologies. Herein, you will bear witness to the vengeance of angels, the birth of monsters and the death of man. It is an art gallery, a spook-house, a waxworks, a cabinet of curiosities, yet above all, a Tarot deck. You certainly don't need to know how to read the Tarot to enjoy it, but it was created to conform to the use of divination if you so choose."

Enter the Realm of Wormweird



George Higham's stop-motion animated journey to the rotting Hell of Edgar A. Poe is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD as part of Lurker Films EDGAR ALLAN POE COLLECTION!

Enter the Realm of Annabel Lee

Read about George Higham's films and other movies of mind-bending madness in Sharon Packer M.D.'s latest book "Movies and the Modern Psyche", from Greenwood Publishing


This terrfiying take on a Steam Punk alternate reality is an exhaustively researched RPG rich in "Atmos-Fear" and loaded with macabre adventures....

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(cover and some interior artwork by George Higham)


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